What is happening around us

Amidst the fierce sunshine of Ho Chi Minh City in April 2019, TAM Logistics & Trading held two days in Vung Tau beach and an exciting camping night at ZENNA CAMPING POOL.

With motto WORK HARD, PLAY HARD - TAM Logistics & Trading has always been focusing on team building activities after the period of work full of enthusiasm and hard work of all employees and leaders in the company.

This is a meaningful cohesion for employees and leaders of the company to communicate, connect and understand each other through many games that show teamwork and minutes of work, affection and life in a peaceful evening with sea breeze and golden sand.

SHARING - INSIGHTS - ENGAGED culture at TAM Logistics & Trading has always wanted to maintain and develop so people always full of energy and determination to complete the work and satisfied customers of TAM Logistics & Trading.