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Cosmetic imports tend to increase with billions of US dollars in the past year, double the import turnover of 2017, indicating that the cosmetic consumption market of Vietnam is very potential. The strong growth of this market has led to the emergence of more and more foreign cosmetic brands, typically Asian cosmetic firms from Korea and Japan, in addition to Europe brands which has come sooner. In particular, when Vietnam joins a series of free trade agreements, the import tax of this type of cosmetics is pulled down, making the Vietnam market more attractive.


In order to proceed with the procedures for importing cosmetics, the procedures for announcing such cosmetics must be followed before the Drug Administration of Vietnam under Circular 06/2011 / TT-BYT. And this announcement is valid for 5 years from the date of issuance. Each announcement is for one kind of cosmetic only. The procedure to announce cosmetics should be done before importing goods. This means that you should enter the form first and then submit it to the Drug Administration. Because of the time of making the announcement about 10-15 days and to ensure that the goods are qualified and imported to Vietnam, cosmetic samples should be imported in advance to avoid the cost of storage and storage costs, return costs ...



Because cosmetics will be directly exposed to human body parts, the announcement of cosmetics is the must, if no one dares to ensure that the use will be safe. When there’s a problem, who is responsible for that cosmetics.

The Announcement documents are specified in Circular 06/2011 / TT-BYT, including the following documents:

1. Announcement of cosmetic products: 02 copies (form)

2. Business Registration Certificate: copy

3. Power of attorney from the manufacturer: the original (or copy) has consular legalization

4. Certificate of free sales (CFS)

Some cases do not need to arrange cosmetic announcement as specified in Article 35 of Circular 06/2011 / TT-BYT. That's the imported cosmetics which have the following purpose:

• For research and testing

• As gifts and donations

• For display at fairs, exhibitions and other cases of temporary import for re-export

The most important thing when arranging cosmetic import procedures is the announcement of cosmetics. As long as the goods are of good quality, the procedure of making cosmetics and implementing the procedure of importing cosmetics is also quite simple.

Cosmetics HS Code:

• 33041000: Lip makeup composition - Cosmetics

• 33042000: Eye makeup composition - Cosmetics

• 33043000: Preparations for nails and toenails - Cosmetics

• 33049100: Powdered or un-pressed chalks - Cosmetics

• 33049920: Acne prevention cream - Cosmetics

• 33049930: Creams and solutions for face or other skin application - Cosmetics

• 33051010: Waterproofing shampoo - Cosmetics

• 33051090: Other shampoo - Cosmetics

• 33052000: Hair curling or straightening products - Cosmetics

• 33071000: Preparations for use before or after shaving - Cosmetics

• 33072000: Personal deodorant and antiperspirant - Cosmetics

• 33073000: Bath products - Cosmetics


After you have issued the cosmetic announcement, then we arrange Customs Clearance. On the day of receiving documents from exporters, conducting e-customs declaration. Cosmetics are one of the most difficult product which are usually under Customs Inspection.

Customs clearance documents - procedures for cosmetic import procedures include:

• Invoice, packing list

• Bill of lading

• C / O (if any)

• Customs declaration
• Receipt of cosmetic announcement: Enterprises need to present the original cosmetic announcement and a copy for customs officers to check the authenticity of the file. Since 2016, implementing online cosmetics announcement, so the company presents a snapshot. In case of necessity, customs officers will request the same ID and pass word to log in to the 1-door system and check the original on the system.

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