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Cosmetics are conditional items in international import and export goods. With conditional goods, International shippers must prepare licenses, do quarantine, check quality, declare chemicals for goods to be accepted for customs clearance.

Conditions for shipping cosmetics as gifts

Customers who send cosmetics to foreign countries in small quantity, low order value, can send goods in as gifts, personal goods to minimize customs procedures and tax costs incurred.

Before sending goods, we should discuss with the shipping company because:

Not all cosmetics can be shipped abroad

For example, aluminum foil sprayers, pressure compressors will be rejected for international shipping due to the risk of explosion and aviation safety threats.

Regulations on importing goods in each different destination country

There are some very difficult and sensitive markets for chemical goods, whether sent as personal goods

Conditions for cosmetic export to enterprises

Enterprises that want to export cosmetics must comply with the provisions of the current law and the requirements of the customs of the importing country. Applying for an export license is a obligatory step in the export process. Specifically in the cosmetic export procedures, there are two most important conditions:

• Free sale certificate (CFS) issued by the provincial Department of Health to certify that cosmetics are manufactured and licensed for free circulation in the exporting country.

o CFS is recognized as proof of product quality inspection for importing countries.

o CFS application documents including a CFS application form and a copy of a Cosmetic product announcement.

o Free Sale certificate CFS is valid for 2 years from the date of issue.

• Certificate of facility meeting the principles and standards of "Good Manufacturing Practices" of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (CGMP-ASEAN)

The documents for certification include:

o Registration form for checking "Good practice of cosmetic production"

o Business registration or investment license

o Organization chart of production facilities

o Training program, evaluation of training results "Good practice of cosmetic production"

o Diagram of plant location and design, list of existing equipment

o List of items produced or expected to be produced

o Minutes of self-inspection "Good practice of cosmetic production"

In order to carry out the export of cosmetics, enterprises and production facilities should use the service of a reputable international shipping company. At TAM, we have a professional logistics team, professional cargo handling to best support customs clearance for our customers.

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