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With experiences doing import customs clearance for years, Tam Logistics would like to summary & share the content about importing plastic zipper, rules & conditions, import tax/duty, import custom procedure ….   

Textile & garment is one of the main important industry of Vietnam’s Economy & this has been getting the large export turnover of Vietnam. However, the Vietnam manufactures are weak in producing textile & garment’s material. Thus, most of material for textile & garment is imported.

HS code of plastic zipper

To specific the policy, import customs procedure, importer needs to choose a suitable HS code of goods.

HS code of plastic zipper belongs to Section 96

9607 Zipper & Part Preferential Import Tariff VAT
96071900 Other 20 10

Zipper is allowed to import

According to the current policy, plastic zipper is allowed to import into Vietnam, thus, importer can process on importing this item into Vietnam.

Process of procedure for importing plastic zipper


Packing list

Commercial Invoice


Bill of Lading

Customs Declaration

Certificate of origin (If any)

Label of plastic zipper

Imported goods need to meet the current laws & conditions of Vietnam Government with basic information such name of goods, name of manufacture, origin, model, code of cargo (If any).

Imported plastic zipper from the countries who have Free Trade Agreement with Vietnam Government will be gained special import tax.

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