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Recently the demands of importing frozen chicken or some parts of frozen chicken from overseas into Vietnam market has been raising sharply. Tam Logistics would like to share some information about process of the custom procedure of importing frozen chicken as below for your reference:

Firstly, importers must check the suppliers/factories if they meet conditions to export chicken to Vietnam? Here you can check the list of suppliers/factories who have registered & listed on system of Vietnam government Click here

Step 1: Import permit is required before importing chicken to Vietnam

To import frozen chicken to Vietnam, importer needs to obtain a License from Department of Animal Health. After getting approved, importer can start to import this product.  

Documents apply to Department of Animal Health following as below:

  • Business License (for those who have not import this product before)
  • Application
  • A scan copy of Heath Certificate issued by export country with a stamp & signature of importer on it.
  • Certificate of Quality issued by export country
  • PO or Sales Contract
  • All these documents must be sending to Department of Animal Health in order to get the approved.  

Processing time after receiving application from importer

The result will be released by Department of Animal Health (DAH) within 5 working days. DHA may ask for adding more documents if any needed.

If the application is approved. DHA will sending a result to importer in details with accepted volume, exporter name, importer name, gross weight accepted in ton…Meanwhile they send email to the custom border official in order to confirm above information. (If custom border is Cat Lai Port, the code will be IV)

After getting the confirmation of custom border IV, exporter can start to ship cargo out.

Note: Import License will be issued by Department of Animal Health with a validity, volume depends on importer, kind of product, export country. Thus, buyer can import the goods until the amount that they required on the license is finished. Once the time or volume are done, importer need to do the new import license before importing again.

Step 2: Import Custom Procedure & Register a Certificate of Veterinary at Port of Discharging

1 or 2 days before vessel arriving to the Port of Discharging, importer should star to apply a Certificate of Veterinary.

Documents including:

  • Application (3 originals)
  • Import License
  • Packing list
  • Commercial Invoice
  • PO,
  • Bill of Lading
  • Health Certificate by export country

Importer has to apply for checking sample and pay a testing charge, after that official will give a confirmation with full date and time, name of consignee in order to process on taking a sample as scheduled.

After testing on sample, Department of Animal Health will be issued “Certificate of Veterinary and Certificate of Good Safety” if the sample meeting standard.

Import Custom Clearance and Taking Sample

Documents following below:

  • Customs Declaration,
  • Application for a Certificate of Veterinary
  • Packing List,
  • Commercial Invoice,
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of origin (If any)

Importer can pick up the goods and delivery to their warehouse for preserving, it is accepted by custom official. Once importer submitts Certificate of Veterinary and Certificate of Good Safety, import custom procedure will be finished.

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