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The process before doing import custom clearance:

In order to clear the shipment, importer needs (02) two kind of documents below:

  • Application Quality Checking (Application of Quality Checking with a confirmation from Ho Chi Minh City Department of Standards Metrology and Quality (SMQ))  
  • The Test Result with Lowest Energy Efficiency or a Confirmation of Announcement of Energy Efficiency and Energy Labelling.

Things to do: apply a Quality Checking, testing energy

Step 1: Submit a Customs Declarations online

Step 2: Importer must apply for getting a Certificate of Quality from SMQ at the custom border where cargo arriving.

Documents requires:

  • Application of Quality Checking (4 originals),
  • PO (or sales contract), Commercial invoice, Packing list, House bill, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Quality (Scan copy)

Submit online on

Step 3: Register for testing energy efficiency at Vinacomin, Quatest 1,2,3…

Step 4: Apply the requirement for asking to pick up the cargo from Port of Discharging to consignee’s warehouse while waiting for other checking (Quality Checking, testing energy).

Documents following below:

  • Application of Energy Efficiency (1 original)
  • Commercial invoice, Packing list (scan copy), Bill of Lading (Original or Copy), Certificate of Origin (C/O) (1 original), Cartificate of Quality (CQ) (Scan or original ), Delivery Order, Letter of Recommendation….

⇒ Completed the process of procedure to pick up cargo to the warehouse of consignee for preservation  

Note:  In case the importer already has The Test Result of Energy Efficiency, he/she can apply it with Registered of Quality Checking Confirmation in order to complete the import custom procedure without picking up the cargo from Port of discharging to the importer’s warehouse while waiting for other tests.  

Because of it, importer can do the Test Energy Efficiency before importing the whole shipment if the sample is available in Vietnam to shorten a period doing custom clearance.

Step 5: Apply sample to one of Department of Quality Control such as Quatest 1, Quatest 3, Vietcert to check for issuing a Certificate of Conformity or you can require them to take sample at the warehouse of importer.

Volume : 1 sample/ model  

Checking fee and a Certificate fee : as cost by the Department of Quality Control

Note: Certificate of Conformity must be meeting with standard QCVN 9:2012 and it has validity for 3 years so that next import shipment, buyer does not need to do this step if the Certificate still valid.

 Step 6: Apply sample to Vinacomin or Quatest 1,2,3 where importer apply the register for Testing Energy Efficiency. Please note The Test of Energy Efficiency is valid indefinitely for same model

  • Volume: 1 sample/model
  • Testing fee: at cost by Quality Control company

 After getting the Results of Testing Energy Efficiency, importer needs to apply this result with a Confirmation of Quality Checking to clear custom for the shipment.

 After clearing import custom  

 Step 7: Apply the result of quality checking to Department of Quality Control.

Quality Control party will upload the result on the website  

 Step 8: Announcement of Energy Labelling (for purpose trading)  

Importer must complete the documents and apply a Confirmation for Energy Labelling from Ministry of Industry & Trade of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This kind of document can be a proof that importer has qualified Announcement of Energy Labelling so that government can check anytime, this can be used for The Result of Test Energy Efficiency when import the next shipment.


  • Announcement of Energy Labelling
  • The Result of Test Energy Efficiency (result of step 5)
  • Business Registration

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