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Latex pillow mattress product is considered as general cargo, it’s not required an import permit or a Plant Quarantine.

HS code for reference as below:

Latex pillow:  94049090 with tax 20%, VAT 10% (with C/O from E, tax will be 0%)

Latex Mattress: 94042110 with tax 25%, VAT 10% (with C/O from E, tax will be 0%)

Process of procedure for importing Latex pillow mattress product


  1. Value of goods + bank charge: it is the value on Sales Contract and bank charge of overseas payment.
  1. Import custom clearance charge:
  1. Tax & duty:
  • Import tax
  • VAT
  • Other taxes (If any)

Documents are follows:

  • Sales contract
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Import customs declaration
  • Tax payment receipt
  • C/O form E (If any)
  • Bill of Lading


Preferential import tax of latex pillow is 20%

For the products which are origin from the countries those who have Free Trade Agreement with Vietnam can be gained special import tax.

Shipping cost and transit time

Shipping cost and transit time are depending on the method of shipping by sea, by air, by inland trucking, by courier service. It’s up to the different requires of each shipment in order to decide suitable method of shipping.

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